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8 Comments to Flow Factor

  1. Akinogul says:
    The Flow Factor. General purpose solenoid valves are used with a wide variety of liquids and gases in a broad spectrum of applications. Rating the valve capacity in terms which apply to all operating conditions is accomplished by determining the "Flow Factor" (Cv) of the valve. The Cv value is the number of U.S. gallons of water at 16°C (60°F.
  2. Nikot says:
    With the flow coefficients capacities of valves at different sizes, types and manufacturers can be compared. The flow coefficients are in general determined experimentally and express the. flow capacity in imperial units - GPM (US gallons per minute) that a valve will pass for a pressure drop of 1 lb/in 2 (psi) The flow factor - Kv - is also commonly used with capacity in SI-units.
  3. Vorr says:
    The flow coefficient is commonly used in the U.S. Flow Factor - K v. The metric equivalent of the flow coefficient - C v - is based on the SI-system and is called the. Flow Factor - K v; The flow factor - K v - is defined as. the flow of water with temperature ranging 5 - 30 o C through a valve in cubic meters per hour (m 3 /h) with a pressure.
  4. Ketilar says:
    What is Flow Coefficient (Cv)? The Cv tells you how to properly size your valve so it has minimal effect on the hydraulic efficiency you’ve engineered into your system. It is a number published by the valve manufacturer that describes the number of U.S. gallons that can pass through a valve (in a fully open position) at a pressure drop of 1 PSI.
  5. Voodoohn says:
    flow factor flow cone A device for measuring grout consistency; after a predetermined volume of grout is permitted to flow through an orifice of known size, the time of efflux (called the flow factor) is an indication of the consistency.
  6. Tygozshura says:
    The flow coefficient is a designing factor which relates head drop (Δh) or pressure drop (ΔP) across the valve with the flow rate (Q). (liquids) Q: Flow rate ΔP: Pressure Drop Sg: Specific gravity (1 for water) K: Flow coefficient Kv or Cv. Go to online calculation of the Flow coefficient Cv and Kv.
  7. Kataxe says:
    Mar 19,  · Critical Flow Factor (Cf) is a coefficient that defines how the pressure will recover after it drops to its lowest point (the vena contracta) inside the valve. Each valve has one Critical Flow Factor (Cf), and it doesn’t change due to percentage open, like the Cv Mike Fick.
  8. Dougrel says:
    Mar 25,  · Valve Flow Coefficient (Cv) is a valve’s capacity for a liquid or gas to flow through it. Basically, the larger the opening in a valve, the larger the Cv. As a valve is opened more and more, the Cv increases until the valve is fully open, where it reaches its highest possible Cv, or % open Mike Fick.

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